Which Hospitals are Good for Cancer Immunotherapy in India

Cancer Immunotherapy in India

Cancer Immunotherapy in India is a dreadful disease that affects thousands of Indians every year. India has 4 major types of cancer that constitute a whopping 41% of annual cancer deaths. Oral, cervical, breast, and lung cancer are the most prevailing types of cancer observed in India. Cancer is responsible for the most deaths in India after cardiovascular diseases. These facts have compelled hospitals to become competitive in the field of cancer treatment.

Treating cancer requires expertise and good infrastructure. Indian hospitals are striving to provide the best cancer treatment experience to patients by finding the best doctors in the field and acquiring the latest biomedical equipment that can help increase the patient’s chances of winning the fight against cancer.

What Is Immunotherapy and How Does It Help in Treating Cancer?

The general function of the immune system is to fight pathogens and destroy them to keep the body healthy. Most cancers are killed naturally by the human immune system when they are in the early stages. However, cancer cells often have a way to evade the immune system by being genetically modified to make them less identifiable or by changing the cells around the tumours so that they react differently with the immune system. Immunotherapy aims to heighten the action of the immune system on cancer cells in the body.

The Best Hospitals for Cancer Immunotherapy in India

Cancer Immunotherapy in India

Immunotherapy is a relatively new way to treat cancers and is not used as widely as surgical, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. A lot of Indian hospitals are also adopting this method of fighting cancer. Here are some good hospitals for cancer immunotherapy in India:

Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket

Max Super Speciality Hospitals is the best cancer hospital in India. With a capacity of over 3400 beds and 4400+ clinicians, the scale at which Max hospitals operate is massive. They consistently deliver best-in-class treatment for a wide range of diseases. They have specialised oncologists to treat almost every type of cancer.

Along with this, their constant investment in having the best infrastructure and equipment also make them an ideal place for cancer treatment. Their teams of doctors are familiar with the latest immunotherapy strategies including monoclonal antibodies, Immune checkpoint inhibitors, cancer vaccine and other non-specific immunotherapies.

They are also the first facility in northern India to acquire Novalis Tx for IMRT/IGRT, Radiosurgery, HIPEC and SRS/SRT. Doctors like Dr Waseem Abbas and Dr Harit Chaturvedi have extensive experience with treating different types of cancer. This experience helps them diagnose and treat cancer in the most effective way possible.

Tata Memorial Government Hospital, Mumbai

Established in 1941, this hospital is known for its economical cancer treatment options. For families that are struggling with cancer treatment expenses, Tata Memorial Hospital provides high-quality cancer treatment at a considerably low price. Apart from this, they provide counselling to cancer patients and also arrange for aftercare. They are also leaders in finding innovative ways to treat cancers. They also make use of cutting edge technologies like digital mammography, surgical microscopes and complex anaesthesia delivery systems.

Medanta- The Medicity, Gurgaon

With a capacity of 1250 beds, this super speciality hospital promises a good quality cancer treatment. Their special breast cancer team is highly experienced in treating fibroadenoma, fibrocystic breast, intraductal carcinoma etc. The doctors have been performing complex surgeries for oral, head and neck cancers with a very high success rate. Microvascular surgery, organ preservation surgeries and skull base surgeries are only a few of the complex surgeries that they specialise in.

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai

Established in 2006, this multi-speciality hospital is counted as one of the top cancer hospitals in India. It has also been accredited as “a designated centre for integrated oncology and palliative care” by the European Society of medical oncology. Daycare chemotherapy also allows patients to go home on the same day of treatment. Best in class radiosurgery options including minimal access surgery, robotic surgery, edge and Novalis are used to treat cancer. This hospital also has the largest stem cell transplant unit in Western India.

AIIMS, New Delhi

One of the first speciality hospitals in India, AIIMS was established back in 1956. They also provide free cancer treatment options to certain individuals without compromising on the quality of treatment. On average, 4000 minor and major cancer surgical procedures are carried out on their premises on an annual basis. AIIMS also boasts of having the best doctors in the country on their payroll, ensuring that along with the best treatment, research efforts are not left behind.

For a patient that is suffering from cancer, proper research is crucial. Make sure you or your loved ones visit the hospital and gather enough information about the track record and amenities of the hospital to ensure that it would be a good place for treatment. Hospitals and doctors play the most important role in treating cancers. Simply choosing the right hospital could be life-changing!


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