WordPress is the most popular and widely used CMS in the world and has been in this leadership position for quite some time now. It powers around 40% of websites worldwide. It is very flexible and versatile and quite reliable. convert HTML Website to WordPress.However, there are many other CMSs as well and many people use them. Though other web designing platforms have their own advantages WordPress scores over them with its flexibility and the numerous templates and plugins that it has in its arsenal. If you have a website built on some other platform, you would probably want to migrate to WordPress. This article explains how to convert HTML Website to WordPress.

Though there is no harm in having an HTML-powered website, migrating to WordPress brings additional benefits. With thousands of plugins and templates, WordPress offers a lot of flexibility and customization CONVERT HTML WEBSITE TO WORDPRESS.



Pre Migration

Before you start the migration process you need to take care of certain things.

  • Hosting Plan: You need to have a hosting plan before you start the migration. The requirement for HTML is different from that of WordPress, and therefore, you would need a new hosting plan. The other way is to do it locally and then make it live later.
  • Code Editor: you would need a code editor, such as Notepad++, Atom, Sublime, etc.

Another factor to consider before you start the migration is time and money. Though this article explains how to convert HTML Website to WordPress, you can also hire a professional developer to do the migration if you have the funds and want to save time.

Manual Conversion

In the manual conversion of the website to WordPress, you will have to get inside the code. WordPress Development Services requires the user to enter the existing website directory with the help of FTP and access the present code. You have to use this code to start the conversion. You can copy the code after creating the necessary files and folders for the WordPress theme. However, you have to be conversant with HTML, CSS, and PHP to manually do the conversion. Knowing these languages would make the job extremely easy.

The Negative

Though conversion is easy for people who know the necessary technical languages, there are some down sides as well. It is believed that the new site would not have all the capabilities of the HTML site. For instance, if you don’t build the widget area or change the menu options from the back end, it may not have all the functionalities of old HTML site.

Steps of Manual Conversion

  • Create a theme folder and other essential files. Creating a new theme is the first step in the conversion process.
  • The next step is to create a WordPress style sheet so that you can copy the CSS from the old site.
  • The next step is to slice the current HTML code into separate elements so that you can retain the CMS. The header would then request HTML to transfer its style sheet to WordPress.

You now have to take a screen shot of the theme that will act as a repository at the back end of WordPress.

Automated Conversion

There are several tools available in the market for automated conversion from HTML to WordPress. For those who aren’t well versed with the technical languages, these tools are extremely crucial. There are still lot of people who own static HTML websites but want to migrate to WordPress. These tools make the job of conversion very easy. Some of the more popular tools have been briefly explained below.

  • CMS2CMS Plugin: One of the more popular plugin, this tool is widely used to make the conversion. It is very fast and moves content from HTML to WordPress in real quick time. It also helps in retaining the SEO from the previous site. Not only textual content, but it also allows for the transfer of images and video. It finishes complete website migration in 15 to 20 minutes.
  • HTML to WordPress: This is another very useful plugin to migrate content from HTML to WordPress. However, you would first need to compress the files and folders in a Zip file and then upload them on the new site. You can have a preview of your website before proceeding with the migration.
  • Pine grow Theme Converter: This converter plugin allows you to make changes in your theme with whatever design tool you want to use. It allows full movement of HTML website to WordPress by controlling the PHP code and the CMS elements of WordPress. You can then include CMS elements of HTML in your WordPress site.

Explained above are the manual and automated ways to convert HTML to WordPress. If you have any doubts or have sufficient funds and want to save time, you can always hire a WordPress developer to do the conversion for you. Tags: CONVERT HTML WEBSITE TO WORDPRESS


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