Make Windows Spy Software Your Virtual Eye To Monitor The WorkForce


I have roughly 30 tabs Windows Spy Software opened in my internet browser, of which 40% are not work-related. This is just a random confession from an average employee whose work shift starts at 9 am and ends at 5 pm. Work-life consumes around 7 to 8 hours of the day. If a hard-working and dedicated person contributes 100%in those hours then life will be a miracle. I mean that will be marvelous but the bitter truth is we have some other tabs open as well. And if there is not a strict monitoring system at the workplace then the tab ratio can increase from 40 to maybe 70 or more. This is a harsh reality for working employees. We are way more distracted all thanks to one hundred ways of entertainment around us. I mean check FaceBook or Instagram, or maybe a news channel, watch any kind of video on YouTube, Play an online game, Go window shopping and maybe place an order, Vigorous search for the perfect lunch deal menu for just one hour break and the list can continue. This is the life of an average, unmonitored work employee.

Make Windows Spy Software Your Virtual Eye

Windows Spy Software

Monitoring can make things better. I mean if I know that my boss is watching my screen then definitely I will solely focus on work and there will be no soccer live streaming tab open. On the other hand, I may leave the office late just to watch the match because I can focus here better and there will be no distraction and speedy internet too. Thus It proved that window spy software like the OgyMogy can enhance the productivity rate of the workforce as it can become your virtual eye. Check the feature offered by The OgyMogy Windows Spy Software app and decide for yourself if you want an employee monitoring system at your workplace or not.

Know The Number Of Tabs Opened On The Internet Browser:

OgyMogy employee monitoring feature can help you know more about the daily life routine of the employees during the official hours. How much time is dedicated to working and how much is just wasted in useless activities all information is recorded and stored by the OgyMogy. Keep a check on the internet browsing history of the employees to know about internet usage. Make sure employees focus on the work only with full dedication, with the help of OgyMogy.

Surprise Visit To Employee Screen:

The screen recording feature offred by the OgyMogy lets the employer or boss make a surprise visit directly to the screen of the employees. Check the screen activities in real-time or know about the work timeline progress by monitoring the screen activities with snapshots and short videos captured by the OgyMogy screen recording feature.

Monitor Employee Surroundings:

Make sure employee maintain a professional environment in the respective department and there is not party kind of vibes in the office. Check the surrounding environment of the employee by using the camera of the target device. The camera bug feature captures the surroundings of the target employees. The boss can know who is on the seat and who is wandering around in the office, wasting time.

Listen To Surround Feature:

In case you are unable to attend an important meeting or are out of the station, don’t worry you can virtually be present in all kinds of official and unofficial work-related meetings. The listen to surround feature bugs the mic of the target device. User can listen to all the chat and discussion around the target employee remotely with mic big feature

Web-Based Control Panel Monitoring:

All the monitoring data is uploaded on the web-based control panel of OgyMogy. Users can remotely access the web portal to check the reports about any monitoring feature. All the data is stored in the form of recording. Even if you have missed the real-time monitoring, you can maintain the overall day productivity timeline with the help of stored data.

Not a Windows lover, don’t need windows spy software? Don’t worry. OgyMogy offers a separate Mac spy software version for team Mac. Monitor the mac tablet, desktop, and laptops of the employees by using the Mac spy software. Check the Android spy app version of OgyMogy as well. OgyMogy is a complete package as it takes care of customer demands and needs.



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