2 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Reduce Dandruff & Stop Hair-Fall!

Stop Hair-Fall!

I know that you don’t want frizzy hairs Stop Hair-Fall filled with tons of dandruff that fall on the shoulders and back, and completely visible whenever you wear a dark-colored t-shirt or shirt!

That’s too embarrassing…

Over that, there are loads of ways people are suggesting that doesn’t work at all.

I trust that you have come across at least one of such ways/process/procedure if you are really suffering with the issue of hair fall and dandruff.

Effective Ways To Reduce Dandruff & Stop Hair-Fall!

However, not like other articles, in this article I will give you 2 super effective methods that are so easy to do that even a 9 year kid can do it + it will have lots of added benefits that you will see eventually on your face, skin, health, nails, etc.

Let’s now discuss both of the ways one by one without any further delay! Stop Hair-Fall

Usage of Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Stop Hair-Fall!

Anti dandruff shampoo is one the best thing that you can use to reduce your hair fall as well as the dandruff that is present in your hairs…

However, you need to be cautious while purchasing the anti-dandruff shampoo as it should suit your skin type of scalp. To brief you with the topic, we majorly have 3 types of scalp skin – Dry Scalp, Oily Scalp, or Scalp with certain Disorders Stop Hair-Fall.

Most of people [maybe you too] suffers from the problem of dandruff and hair fall because of dry scalp, it basically means that the skin in your scalp is not moisturized up to the health mark.

The other type of scalp can be the only one. This occurs when the scalp produces extra oil and sebum, and we don’t wash our hairs daily or at regular intervals. Due to this, the extra oil produced in our scalp mixes with the dead cells and give rise to the dandruff.

However, even if you have a well-toned and healthy scalp, you may suffer with the issue of dandruff a lot which can be because of certain skin disorders like Malassezia, eczema, psoriasis, etc, which eventually leads to dandruff formation in the scalp Stop Hair-Fall.

So for all this issue, using the most suited and best anti dandruff shampoo can be very effective to reduce dandruff first and then stop hair fall.

Let’s now also discuss the factors that you must check for before purchasing the new anti-dandruff shampoo!

Before that, here’s a quick update:

You can read the complete guide and look the list of best anti-dandruff shampoo in India on the article published on Grab Best in India Stop Hair-Fall

Factors That You Should Consider Before Buying Any Anti Dandruff Shampoo

#01 Scan the ingredients

Zinc Pyrithione [ZPT]: This will keep fungus away from your hairs and kill the microbes like the yeast that stimulates fungus to grow in your scalp keeping your hairs clean and healthy.

Selenium Sulphide: This chemical in its much diluted form is responsible for killing the microbes that are smaller in size and gets mix with the dead cells in the skin of the scalp to start the formation of dandruff.

Coal Tar: It is the end or the burnt product of coal that lots of people think is useless. However, it is scientifically proven now that it helps in reducing the shedding of hairs and keeps the hair shiny, crisp, and clean.

#02 Wash properly

One of the most common reasons many of us suffers for the issue of scalp dandruff is because of poor washing of hairs after the application or usage of shampoo. Do check twice that you have properly washed your hairs.

#03 Keep a track of frequency

If you are suffering intensely with the issue of dandruff and hair fall presently, then you must consider the use of anti-dandruff shampoo at least 3 times a week can decrease the usage with the decrement in the dandruff issue.

Practicing Yoga Daily

Stop Hair-Fall!

In today’s era, it is not hidden what yoga can do and change in a person’s life who practice it daily, without skipping even a single day, one of which is better hair management naturally!

Practice of yoga asana like the wheel pose, shoulder stand, head stand, etc, are proven to work on hairs as the oxygenated blood bloods flows effectively to the head region and trough the scalp making the cells in the scalp alive by providing them sufficient quantity or quality oxygen the requirement of which normally does not match.

Apart from better scalp and hair management, yoga has a ton of benefits that you cannot even imagine off! If anyway you are interested to know about these benefits head over to the article by Yoga Fitness Hub that speaks about the 17 benefits of yoga that everyone [ranging from beginner in yoga to an expert yogi] can get ASAP and live their life ultimately without any bodily issue or problems with head, scalp, or hairs, and maintain the hair shine and reduce the shedding 100% naturally without using a single bit of chemical.

You may also learn lots of yoga poses ranging from beginner to advance on the above mentioned website: yogafitnesshub.com


Here comes the ending… And, to sum up the article, we both can agree on that nobody on this planet Earth wants a pool of dandruff in their hairs! At least, neither you nor me.

The best part is, we can follow 2 easy ways to reduce dandruff in our hair + stop the hair fall that happens because of dandruff, i.e., using the best anti dandruff shampoo that suits your hairs and practicing yoga daily [without missing even a single day]

So, at this point, you know pretty much everything that can help you to reduce the dandruff in your scalp dramatically and stop hair fall effectively.

Now I would love to hear from you!

What do you think about the 2 ways mentioned in this article? Will it be helpful to you and everyone else?

Or is there any other method more effective than this?

Either way, comment below and let me know. : )


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