The Strategy of Building Natural Backlink for Website

Natural Backlink

A backlink is always a powerful key to every SEO strategy. However, building new natural backlinks ensures the safety and promotes effective ranking.

Google has recognized that backlinks are one of the three factors that rank a website. This confirms that building a backlink is necessary and important for a strong and quality website.

You can understand, the natural backlink is the most naturally created backlink. A good natural backlink building strategy helps the website get positive reviews from the search engines.

In the article below, we will provide you with 7 ways to get quality backlinks. The following methods are purely white hat SEO, absolutely safe for your website.

7 natural backlink building strategies

Backlinks are links pointing to your website coming from another website. Each backlink is considered a “vote” for your site. SEO or webmasters really want their website to get many votes.

However, not all votes are valid. In addition, having too many votes is easy to make your website “touching” by Google. Penguin Penalty – Google Penguin was born as a measure to limit link spam.

Many businesses have chosen to use backlink services to increase their website rankings. Reputable providers like Neff Digital have the safest and most suitable backlink service package for you.

If you want to create natural backlinks yourself, you should have a clear building strategy. Backlink strategy is a long-term investment strategy. The results may not be seen immediately, but the effects are long-term and sustainable.

1. Strategy of building content

Natural Backlink

Not only is the basis for backlinks, but content strategy is also an important factor for web SEO. When your blog content is useful, other websites will actively host your blog about them. The amount of backlinks is therefore automatically generated.

Some of the most commonly used article content types as backlinks are:

A “unique” article

Content in the form of “unique” is content that no one has ever written. Simply understand that this is content entirely created by you.

“unique” quality content is an article that provides information and is useful to the reader. To complete this article, just investing your time is not enough. You need to research, explore and thoroughly learn the selected topic.

The content of this type of writing is often deep, scholarly, and contains rich knowledge. Articles with personal colors or comments on an issue are often used to quote on websites with related content.

Some types of exclusive content:

  • Posts give testimonials
  • Posts comments, comments
  • The article raises an opinion on an issue

Other websites will use the information you give to make their posts more convincing. On your side, you have one more natural backlink pointing to your website.

Therefore, when starting to build natural backlinks. You should invest and pay more attention to your unique content.

Create a content pillar

A content pillar is an article that refers to the main content (pillar content) of an issue. Content often addresses essential issues, bringing many useful things to the reader.

This type of writing is often permanent with time and depth of expertise. The Content Pillar is not a form of commercial sales content. It carries the mission of conveying knowledge.

Like exclusive enlightening content, a quality pillar requires a lot of dedication. In return, in addition to bringing back a certain amount of backlinks, the content pillar helps you:

  • Increase organic traffic
  • Shares increased sharply

With a natural, safe, and effective backlink building campaign. The Content pillar is an indispensable factor.

Write a list article

For organic backlink building, you cannot ignore list posts. These articles are easy to read, straight to the needs of your readers. The information is deployed in the form of a list, so it does not make the writer difficult.

Citations are also a place to put safe backlinks. Citations are local business listings. With this list, the branding of your business not only increases credibility and optimizes SEO. It is also a quality backlink for your website.

Controversial article

Building backlinks also requires courage when you build your content into articles that are controversial or disprove general opinions.

When you go against the opinion of the majority. Your opinion is the most prominent. Accordingly, in a seminar, your website is mentioned as evidence for another way of thinking.

However, if taken in the negative direction, this article can affect the brand of your business. Take into consideration when choosing this content building strategy to promote organic backlinks.

2. Link exchange technique

The link exchange technique is also referred to as link exchange. The two websites have many similarities in the field, the amount of traffic, … can exchange links with each other.

Your website and the partners can exchange links with each other if both have the same field and the “quality”. Link exchange also helps both websites develop.

The link exchange technique is still considered white hat SEO. This is safe if the link exchange rate is not too high. Create an exchange with your partner to get the most natural backlinks.

3. Replace broken link

Some posts that have been published for a long time often have a few broken links. These links often have 404 errors, known as broken links.

You can consider two options when using the broken link replacement technique:

Method 1: Find pages linked to a broken link. Match my content to replace that broken link and suggest a position corresponding to the article owner.

Method 2: You can find the error 404 pages, rewrite the content of that page (use your own text and write better than the error page). Navigate to the pages linked to the broken page for suggestions.

The broken link replacement just helps you get a more natural backlink from a good site. Just help the content of the other article more complete.

4. Using KOL

KOL is a familiar specialized term in marketing. KOL stands for Key opinion leader, roughly translated as an influential person. This is the means of communicating by letting people with expertise in the field introduce your products/business.

For Digital Marketing and especially in building natural backlinks. KOL is a way to create highly effective backlinks and lead to your website a significant amount of traffic.

Take the initiative to create an article about a famous blogger. As long as your post is displayed well. Bloggers will “reciprocate” by quoting the article with your URL in their article.

By associating with KOLs, you also create a community of mutual support and sustainable development.

5. Backlink comes from Social Media

If you are concerned about having many backlinks pouring into the website at the same time, you can easily be “noticed” by Google. Building backlinks from social media will be one way to solve this problem.

You can build links from creating accounts for your business on sites with high DA, PA such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, …

In this way, your site not only increases authority but also has a source of quality backlinks pouring in from popular social networking sites.

6. Access to newspapers

Journalists are still hunting for news day and night. Online newspapers are always updated every day and have high traffic volume. Here are two factors for you to consider this method of building organic backlinks.

To get articles published on the newspaper site, you can actively register for interview schedules. Journalists are ready to go and post if the information you provide is useful to them.

You can also write your own articles and submit articles for news sites if your article qualifies. On the other hand, you can spend a fee to buy backlinks from reputable newspaper sites.

7. Backlink from the visual tool

The visual tool, typically images, is also an easy backlinking tool. Backlink at that time will be in the form of “an image from: (your website)”.

In addition to images, visual tools are often cited such as infographics, charts, diagrams … These are also commonly used products by other websites.

Note when building backlinks

Backlink building planning and the campaign are not enough. A few extremely important issues in the backlink building strategy that you need to keep in mind are as follows:

1. Relevance

Backlink poured in as well. But if there are backlinks from websites with irrelevant content will make your website considered link spam. This has a negative impact on your website rating.

2. Place in reputation page

The pages with high Trust Rank or high DA, PA scores are good sites for you to put a backlink to your website. The most quality backlinks will be placed on the most reputable pages.

3. Focus on the web with good traffic

Not only has a high rating, the page that you put a backlink on needs a good amount of traffic. Focus on placing backlinks on high-traffic websites. This has just resulted in your website getting organic traffic. Newly evaluated by search engines earlier.

4. Put in “clean” page

The “clean” sites here are those that have not been penalized by Google, are not spam, and are not sponsored. These websites are rated as poor quality. Backlinks coming from poor quality websites will affect your website.

5. Balance do follow and no follow links

You need to balance do follow and no follow links. This also affects the strength of the website, so when placing backlinks, pay attention to this issue.

6. Do not put links on web sites that block bots

There are still many websites that do not allow bots to crawl and search engines respect this. For backlinks pouring back from the web blocking bot, having a backlink does not bring about the results as you set out.

A tool to help control backlinks

In addition to strategy, plan your backlink building. You need powerful tools to help you accomplish your goals.

Here are the most effective backlink control tools in the world that we think you should know. The list below is sorted randomly, without any rules.


Referring to SEO support software and webmaster, people will mention Ahref. Ahref has affirmed its capacity and role clearly in the backlink creation and control.

Ahref is really useful for providing many features such as:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Backlink research
  • Track ratings

In particular, Ahref favors backlink analysis. Ahref’s backlink analysis and provision feature is highly appreciated by SEO experts.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a rival backlink checker tool used by many SEO professionals around the world. This software assists you in your competitor analysis of your business.

Thanks to this software, you can develop deeper into your competitor’s backlink strategy. From there, make a plan and plan a suitable marketing strategy for your business.


SEMrush is often used to analyze the competition of a keyword. Later, this tool developed and added a backlink analysis service to suit the marketability of SEO experts and webmasters.

Open Link Profiler

Open link profiler is a good tool to analyze your backlink profile. This tool provides a lot of information by filtering available backlinks for industry categories, anchor text, LIS (link impact score).

Above is the whole natural backlink building strategy that we want to recommend to you. We hope we have provided some additional information that is helpful to you.


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