Use These Seven Tips for Selecting Custom Corrugated Boxes

Use These Seven Tips for Selecting Custom Corrugated Boxes

Custom corrugated boxes have been an essential part of our lives for centuries. You can use it for many purposes like stacking your things in the cupboard, storing your household items or office files for later use.

You can use these boxes to have an organized and neat place, and you know where to find your things when in use. You can label your boxes according to the items inside for convenience.

Use These Seven Tips for Selecting Custom Corrugated Boxes

They are often used in offices to put heavy files or other stationery items to put in-store or for workers to use them. They are of corrugated paper or cardboard. Although corrugated boxes and cardboard boxes seem the same, there is a slight difference between them, which changes their mode of usage.

Here are Seven Tips for Selecting Custom Corrugated Boxes – 

1.) Corrugated Boxes Versus other Materials

Corrugated Boxes Versus other Materials

Corrugated boxes are also known as shipping boxes. The manufacturing of corrugated boxes consists of three layers of thick paperboard glued together to make a thick and robust box.

These boxes’ outer layers are simply flat, but the inner layer is ripple, making it more durable than a simple cardboard box. Corrugated boxes are light in weight and not very expensive to buy.

Simple cardboard boxes or paperboard or Custom corrugated boxes, are manufactured from paper pulp which is called paperboard.

2.) Transportation Purposes

Transportation Purposes

Cardboard boxes are also in demand for transportation purposes, but corrugated are recommended on a business level. Cereal boxes are an excellent example of such material. There are four variations in paperboard boxes. The bleached paperboard is covered with white clay to improve performance.

3.) Eco-Friendly Material

Eco-Friendly Material

Unbleached paperboard is known as an eco-friendly material. Then there are recycled paperboard and chip paperboard. They all are used in various areas of our life such as transportation, storing, stacking, and keeping your place organized.

You can easily customize these materials with excellent results. They are available in the market in various shapes, sizes, and designs. With customization, your simple box will turn into your company’s asset no matter what its material

4.) Marketing Tool

Marketing Tool

Custom corrugated boxes work as a marketing tool for your company designed with your company logo. Additional information about the product and contact information makes it an effective marketing strategy. Your company contact information helps the customer to get to you with convenience for feedbacks and queries

5.) Product Safety

Product Safety

Rigid boxes are much stronger than paperboard or corrugated boxes. They are layered with thick paperboard making them four times thicker than the other boxes.

They are not easily collapsible and have a sturdy base. They are highly recommended in transportation, especially when you are transporting expensive and delicate items.

Brands like tiffany&Co use these kinds of boxes for their products to be transported.

The main difference between corrugated packaging and rigid box packaging is the price of the material and box. Rigid boxes are much more expensive than corrugated boxes.

They are not easy to buy on a massive unless your brand is well established and successful. They are not lightweight like corrugated packaging, which makes the shipping cost higher than the corrugated boxes.

6.) Recycled Material

Recycled Material

Another popular choice is the plastic box to use for these purposes. There are transparent and cost-effective. They can be recycled, and you can easily customize them with numerous possibilities.

Plastic containers and corrugated goes parallel in term of usage and specifications. Still, plastic boxes are not recommended on the business level in mass production as it will become an expensive procedure.

Where corrugated boxes production on a massive level is inexpensive and easy. Corrugated boxes are much more economical when your avail the corrugated boxes wholesale opportunity.

7.) Secure and Beautiful Presentation

Secure and Beautiful Presentation

At wholesale there are different prices offered at various shops, they are much more feasible as they come with exciting offers and bundles.

Polybags are thin plastic sheets mostly wrapped around flowers, food-related items, candy baskets, etc. You can easily customize them with different patterns and designs.

They are mainly used on occasion to wrap gifts like a fruit basket, flowers, etc. They are primarily used to cover or hold the products in place while transportation or while presenting to others.

They are not strong enough to hold the weight of the items. You cannot pack a heavy product inside the bag. They are light in weight, so the shipping cost is much less, but you cannot recommend them often as they don’t can hold or bear the product’s pressure.

Whereas corrugated boxes can hold the product and keep it secure during transportation. They are also light in weight but tend to maintain the pressure and the product.

Sealed Bags are primarily for food-related items like coffee, tea, meat, etc. These bags are inside the primary packaging of a product.

The airtight ability of these bags helps the food stay fresh and maintain its taste and aroma. Usually, these bags are clear and transparent, but customization can give them recent appearances such as the company’s name or logo.


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