Why reinventing custom cardboard boxes demands thinking outside the box?

custom cardboard boxes

Custom cardboard boxes are being used in the packaging industry for years and have proven their ability. They had dominated the market since their invention back in the 19th century. In the countries like the USA, almost 95 percent of products are being packaged in these boxes. They are popular because of their reusability, recyclability, and sustainable nature. However, all these attributes are not that much efficient and up to mark. Many startups are now trying new packaging methods. This predomination is now going to decrease as experts are urging on the need to reinvent these boxes. It has become necessary to think out of the box to reinvent them with perfection. Below are reasons and challenges to this need.

Why reinventing custom cardboard boxes demands

custom cardboard boxes
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Recyclability challenges

Custom made cardboard boxeshave dominated the market with the ability to reduce pollution. Recyclability has become a trend, and historically this packaging has played an important role in the increasing use of recyclable materials. Still, there are difficulties that need to be met to make them a universal option to package products. Averagely cardboard can be recycled up to six times, but it loses the strength on every cycle. In the USA, almost 90 percent of cardstock packaging is recovered, but only 50 percent is used as a recyclable material. It is necessary to use virgin wood pulp up to 40 percent to make them sturdy enough to protect items. The reason behind this phenomenon is that OCC has usually broken cellulose fibers that are not able to provide the same sturdiness again. Therefore it is necessary to think outside the box to meet this challenge.

Dealing with deforestation

Wood pulp is the raw material for custom made cardboard boxesand is taken directly from forests by cutting trees in a major amount. Averagely 150 boxes of normal size can be manufactured from a single tree. It means that just one brand consumes a lot of trees per day for the packaging of their products. It is a very critical situation, and experts are quite worried about this aspect. To minimize this challenge, it is necessary to reinvent them with some other sources that can provide the same strength as wood pulp. An aspect that is vital to concern about is the selection of such alternatives that do not lead to increased carbon footprints. A suitable organic solution should be proposed which provides the same protection and should have an increased life cycle too.

Meeting new market trends

custom cardboard boxes

Going back to history, cardboard shipping boxes were initially invented in the 19th century when there was not that much technological advancement. It was a perfect solution at that time, but trends have changed in the 21st century. Now it needs to revamp them with the latest technologies and according to modern trends. Companies are much worried about the lost products and to track the location of their packages. Customers also want to ensure that either they are purchasing quality products that are not possible for them right now. Some newly established companies are working on such aspects, but the methods they have developed are not still that efficient and costs a lot. It is necessary to adopt a creative approach in this regard to meet these challenges while ensuring the safety of items in every manner.

Environmental impacts concerns

Cardboard is performing at best to resist environmental conditions to keep the products safe. However, relatively increased moisture has great impacts on it. Humidity impacts their stiffness and makes the material less effective in resisting these environmental conditions. During normal conditions, the lifetime of a box is increased 5 times in comparison to the exposure to humidity for longer durations. Before reaching the desired destination, they have to pass through different areas having low and increased humidity levels. This changing humidity level decreases the strength to hold items. Companies hold some tests to check their resistance, but there is a need to reinvent them because the flute sandwiched between liners is unable to resist that much. It is necessary to choose such an approach that could tackle such problems.

Flexibility and weight carrying abilities

Manufacturers always keep a balance between the strength and weight carrying ability of packaging. Cardboard shipping boxes have proved themselves to carry items of lightweight. They also show some flexibility in case they are stuffed with some extra weight. They have limited flexibility to bear pressure because of the corrugation. But when they are stacked over each other in storage rooms, they are unable to show that much resistance. Boxes with little height also lose their shape easily by a little external impact. This is the reason that people use plastic trays to ship fruit, vegetable, and other such items because cardboard is unable to provide that much safety. So there is a need to reinvent them in a way that they could carry heavier items too and could show more flexibility along with increased reusability.

Need of zero waste revolution

Sustainability has become a fast-growing trend and has influenced the packaging industry too much. Cardboard packaging has played a vital role in controlling land pollution by exhibiting sustainable properties. However, it is also unable to show zero waste properties. To maintain their market dominance, it is essential to reinvent them using some resources that could contribute to this case. There is a need to choose a completely different approach to use such organic material that could be proved as a nutrient rather than a pollutant. Bamboo can be a vital source to reinvent them. Bamboo is a rapidly growing plant and can help in generating zero-waste packaging. Bana leaves are also proved as the best source to reinvent packaging that is completely beneficial for the fertilization of land. However, there is a need to be more creative to get a perfect material in every manner.

These were some major reasons to prove that why we need to think out of the box and have to choose a different approach to reinvent custom cardboard boxes. All the factors are strongly interconnected to each other, and it is essential to keep a healthy balance between all factors. Ensuring the perfection of factors can surely provide a new type of packaging by making the cardboard more advance.


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